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Suite 220
Grapevine, TX 76051

(972) 252-2570

  Accurately read all 50 states' driver licenses and ID cards
  Verify age and identity
  Read and decode data from the magnetic stripe
  Read and decode data from the PDF417 bar code
  View scanned information in less than half a second
  Use comprehensive decoding algorithms with virtually real-time updates to ID template library
  Set multiple age requirements (e.g. alcohol, tobacco), custom descriptions and alert messages
  Consolidate POS, Windows PCs, Web and VeriFone devices' data into single scan database
  Receive an alert when IDs are scanned mutiple times to detect ID sharing
  Manually entry state, ID number and date of birth for defective IDs
  Review visitor and member reports via the web data repository
  Integrate with existing POS hardware
  Eliminate data entry and keystroke errors (i.e. "fat fingering")
  Initial training and on-going support
  Post storefront deterrent posters and stickers as a “Front line of Defense”
      Automatically launch WePrevent when an employee attempts to add restricted items to a check
      Prevent the sale of products based upon age
      Centrally manage WePrevent settings via the web to consistently enforce your company's policies
      Prevent sale of products based upon time-of-day, drink count, seller certificate and beverage permit
      Manage and update your employees' seller/server certificates on the web
      Receive email notifications for employees’ pending renewals and expired certificates
      Instantly verify membership status of a private club or group with a single scan
      Instantly enroll new members at the time of entry
      Quickly collect member data during enrollment
      Print custom forms (e.g. preliminary or member applications, declarations or club rules)
      Flag individuals such as VIP, banned or custom tag
      Securely manage your membership database via the web
      Manage your private club using a self-service website or choose We Scan IDs' full service solution
      Generate weekly membership minutes and monthly rosters on the web with a single click
      Verify scanned ID data against the Texas DMV database (updated weekly)
      Receive data verification alerts (e.g. date of birth mismatch, invalid ID #, address confirmation)
      Use our experienced data entry service for preliminary member applications
      Pre and Post TABC audit consulting and support