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WE SCAN develops solutions that advocate responsible sales and service of age-restricted products.  For more than 20 years, our platforms have successfully mitigated risks for restaurants, bars, convenience stores, private clubs, specialized retail, and more.  We have pioneered Responsible Service Program solutions that reinforce company policies and integrate with industry-leading POS systems for centralized policy configuration; tailored for implementation corporate-wide, by region, by store, or concept.   Our solutions impact stakeholders across Information Technology (IT), Corporate Affairs and Compliance, General Counsel (Legal/Risk), Operations, Finance, and Executive Teams to define and implement responsible sales and service strategies. We support proactive enforcement of seller and patron age requirements, legal selling hours, and unit limit restrictions, with real-time reporting for measuring program effectiveness and reducing subjectivity in key selling or serving decisions.  WE SCAN solutions allow companies to reflect their culture of responsibility by protecting their business, employees, customers, and communities.


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