automated age verification.

Age Verification and Policy Enforcement

You serve customers alcohol, tobacco, or other age-restricted products in your business and are required to implement a digital age-verification solution. Your business demands a fast and reliable age verification technology solution to automate this process and reduce subjective decisions being by your sellers and servers. You need this solution to be a visual reminder to your servers to exercise their training and you care deeply about the protection of your customer’s data. You’d prefer the age verification technology utilize your existing hardware for scanning, but are open to separate devices if needed. Use of a manual age-verification process exposes your business to the risks of underage selling and a simple hand-held scanning solution exposes your business to risks associated with customer data breaches, both of which can lead to substantial fines and a loss of license or business

WE SCAN Age Verification is the best fit for customers who need a digital age-verification solution where customer data privacy and protection is critical.


  • Accurately reads all 50 states’ driver licenses and ID cards
  • Integrates with existing POS hardware or devices
  • Front door and table-side ID verification via dedicated mobile devices
  • Verifies age and identity
  • Sets multiple age requirements (e.g. alcohol, tobacco), custom descriptions and alert messages
  • Supports manual data entry for state, ID number and date of birth for defective IDs
  • Receives an alert when IDs are scanned multiple times to detect ID sharing
  • Uses comprehensive decoding algorithms with real-time updates to ID template library
  • Provides initial training and on-going support
  • Displays storefront deterrent posters and stickers as a “Front line of Defense”
  • Prevents the sale of products based upon age
  • Centrally manages settings via the web to consistently enforce your company’s policies

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